What do I need to apply to these International Programs at University of North Texas?
Do I have to get a visa? How long does it take?
Yes, a visa is required for all full-time programs. We recommend that you apply at least 2 months before the start of the program to allow enough time to process the paperwork and have your visa interview in your home country. Check each program for more details about deadlines.
How do I Apply for a Student Visa?

Please apply for your F-1 student visa early. In some countries it can take several weeks to obtain a visa from the U.S. embassy after you have received admission from the specific program at UNT.

The University sends you the I-20 form, which is used by the student to apply for the F-1 student visa. University of North Texas issues the Form I-20 for study at one the Programs offered.

Once received your documents, the University will process and send you an admission letter and the Form I-20 via certified mail. Sign and date the Form I-20 when you receive it.

Check the website of the U.S. embassy of your country to see the steps you need to do to apply for the student visa F-1. Generally, you need to submit the Form I-20, your admission letter, financial documents, passport, SEVIS receipt and any other required documentation (such as transcripts or academic records) to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. We recommend contacting the embassy before your application to verify the embassy's specific policies and procedures. More information about a particular embassy may be found at: www.usembassy.state.gov.

Present the Form I-20 and your passport to the immigration officer when you arrive in the U.S. The officer will return your copy of the I-20 to you and will staple the Form I-94 in your passport.

Do you offer the TOEFL?
No. However, it is offered several times a year in the area.
What percentage of students are from my country for the Intensive English Program?
The percentages of students from any particular country varies depending on the time of year. Most sessions, students come from 20-30 different countries.
Where can I find an apartment to live off-campus?
Please check the following link about housing: Housing on Denton for international students University of North Texas
When should I arrive to Denton?
You should plan to arrive in Denton at least three to five days before the start of your session. If you have not already arranged housing, you should arrive seven days before the start of your session. The earliest you can arrive in the U.S. is 30 days before the start of your session.
What kind of facilities and service will I have access to if I study English?
As a student enrolled in an Intensive English Language Program at the University of North Texas, you can take advantage of many services and resources. Here you can see more information: Activities for International Students at the University of North Texas
Can I get a job on campus?
Yes, you can work up to 20 hours per week on campus. You will receive more information on the orientation