English Courses in Sydney



English Courses in Sydney

Sydney is one of the top destinations for learning and studying English as a second language (ESL). The city of Sydney has several English language schools, institutes, and prestigious universities that offer English classes.

Sydney stands out for studying English over other cities, mainly because when you think about Sydney, you picture the Opera House, beautiful beaches, great outdoor areas, and breathtaking views of the ocean. However, this city is also famous for being an important financial hub in the Pacific and one of Australia’s leading economic markets, so it offers a great opportunity for networking outside the classroom. Additionally, apart from being the most populous city in Australia, Sydney is a really diverse location, with many of its inhabitants being born outside the country, which makes it a great place to meet other people from all over the world and discover other cultures and customs.

The city of Sydney has English programs for all ages and budgets. We suggest you read this page and click on each language school you think is a good option. All universities and language institutes listed here offer English programs that allow you to apply for a student visa. Most of the programs are also available for citizens and residents in full-time or part-time options.

The most common programs are "General English" or "Academic English Programs", which allow you to improve your English level for academic or professional purposes.

Common questions

  • Where to study English in Sydney, Australia?
  • What is the best English language course in Sydney?
  • How can I study English in Sydney?
  • English programs near Sydney?
  • Cheap and good English courses in Sydney?

You will find the answer to these questions on this website and a complete list of English language schools available for international students and residents. Click on the specific language school or university to get more information. You will find more details about the programs on those pages, helpful resources, and tips as housing, reviews, comments, and testimonials. As a leading world agency in ViveCampus, we can guide you in all the steps to study English in Sydney, Australia.

1. Best places to learn English in Sydney, Australia

English courses as a second language in top universities and institutions

Established in 1788 as part of the British Empire, Sydney grew as a city and became of the most important economic and cultural centers in the Pacific Ocean and the biggest location in Australia, with a metropolitan population of over 5 million people. It ranks among international students as a great place to live and study, while learning about the huge number of cultures that you can find in this beautiful city. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have tons of tourist attraction you can visit in your free time.

In Sydney and surroundings we can find the following places:

  • Central Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Lower North Shore
  • Northern Beaches
  • Upper North Shore
  • Southern Sydney
  • North West
  • Inner West
  • Parramatta
  • Sutherland Shire
  • South West
  • Outer West

List of English Language Schools in Sydney:


One of the best destination for international students in Australia


In Sydney you can find many great institutions at which you can enroll on English language courses, so you can begin enhancing this very useful skill.



Apart from excelling English programs, schools and universities in Sydney also have awesome student services and modern facilities, which include after school activities, joining student organizations, participating in visits to local tourist spots, having access to sport facilities, among other things.



Studying abroad in Sydney gives you the opportunity to not only improve inside the classroom, but also practice your skills in a real-life environment, at the same time you live and explore this great city.



As an important economic center in Australia and the Pacific, professionals from all over the world meet in Sydney, so you’ll find lots of networking opportunities in this fantastic city.



Sydney is full of diversity, as people living in this city come from different parts of the planet. There you’ll discover new cultures, customs, cuisines, traditions, and make friends from different countries.



Sydney is so big and full of tourist locations and activities, that you’ll never feel bored while living there.



In Sydney you can visit numerous tourist spots during your free time, which include famous locations such as: The Sydney Opera House, Manly Wharf, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour, The Rocks, Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach, the Royal Botanic Garden, Gordons Bay, Queen Victoria Building, Cockatoo Island, Hyde Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Darling Harbour, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, among other places.

4. Requirements to take an English Course in Sydney, Australia

Some programs can have their own special requirements

Visa Requirements

To enter Australia and study an English language program in Sydney, you must hold some kind of visa or authorization that allows entry and studying in Australia. Depending on your nationality and the amount of time you wish to study and stay in Australia, you might want to apply for: an Electronic Travel Authority, an eVisitor, a Visitor Visa, a Working Holiday Visa, or a Student Visa.

The Electronic Travel Authority, the eVisitor and the Visitor Visa allow you to study up to three months in Australia and have different requirements. For instance, only people from certain countries may apply for the first two, while the Visitor Visa is available to all nationalities. Moreover, other differences include application requirements, costs, and processing times.

The Working Holiday Visa is available for citizens from certain countries and for those between 18 and 30 years of age, or 35 in some cases; and it allows studying for up to 17 weeks.

The Student Visa is valid for up to 5 years, but it lasts as long as the duration of your program. Moreover, it allows you to work part time up to 40 weeks every two weeks and add your spouse and/or children as dependents. The school you apply for must be registered, be able to issue a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment), and the course must be an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS). You must also have an OSHC health insurance, which English schools are able to arrange for you.

Finally, for all visas and authorizations you must meet certain health and character requirements and, in some cases, give your biometrics at a Visa Application Centre or an Australian Biometrics Collection Centre. On this website you can find more information about visa requirements in Australia. You can also visit the Australian government website about visas.

Age Requirements

English language courses at the different institutions you’ll find in Sydney are aimed at adult students, so students need to meet a minimum age requirement in order to be applicable for an English program. This age is usually between 16 and 18 years old, with no maximum limit. However, in certain cases, English language schools may offer programs for teenagers and children, which have activities and English lessons designed for their age.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

When you apply for a Visitor Visa, a Working Holiday Visa, or a Student Visa, you must show proof of sufficient funds to cover all expenses while you stay and study in Australia. The amount of money will vary depending on the type of visa and for how much you plan to stay in Australia. You must pay part of the tuition fee or the complete tuition fee depending on each case, and show you have enough money for the air tickets, your stay, and whatever remaining fees that may be left of your tuition fee. Finally, you must have direct access to these funds, and they must be in an account belonging to you or a sponsor, in case someone else will cover your expenses. This person must be a close relative.

Minimum English Language Level

For English language courses in Sydney, you must meet a minimum English proficiency level requirement, which varies according to each program. There are usually courses for different students, from beginners to advanced learners, so in many cases you only need a basic level of English. How much you know and what level is best for you is determined with a placement test you take before or after you arrive in the school. Finally, if you want to enroll on an intermediate or advanced English program, in some cases you must show proof of your proficiency, usually by sending the results of an English language proficiency test, such as Academic IELTS, TOEFL, and sometimes Cambridge English, although it varies between institutions.

5. Prices, dates and costs of English courses in Sydney 2024 - 2025

Explanation about main costs

You’ll most likely find variations in terms of prices and dates for the English language courses in Sydney, as they vary based on each institution and program.

In terms of your budget, you should keep in mind that there could be extra costs that may be applied to the course’s final price. Some of them are the cost of housing, OSHC health insurance, access to facilities and student services, after school activities and trips, and class materials.

Listed down below you can read some further information about extra items you must keep in mind while you prepare your final budget.

Main costs to consider if you want to study in Sydney, Australia

ENGLISH PROGRAMAs you might figure, the cost of the English language course varies according to each school and the course you choose. Another factor is the number of weeks you'll be studying. For example, a specialized program could be more expensive than a regular English program, while a full-time program is more expensive than one with a part-time schedule.
HEALTH INSURANCEFor the Student Visa, it's mandatory to have an OSHC insurance, which covers health costs while studying in Australia. This can be arranged by the school or you can obtain it from an authorized health insurance company. Additionally, the Australian government recommends having travel health insurance if you're not on a Student Visa or even if you're covered by OSHC, as it only covers you while you stay in Australia, and not while you're in transit between countries.
BOOKSClass materials such as books may or may not be included in the tuition fee. This will vary according to each school and program.
HOUSINGAs a vast metropolis, you'll find a wide variety of different prices in Sydney. Consequently, the amount of money you'll spend on housing depends on where you stay and for how long you plan to stay. For instance, a furnished studio apartment of 45m2 costs around AUD $1700-1800 a month, in a non-expensive area of the city. Other less expensive options could be staying at a student residence, a shared room or apartment, or staying in a homestay with a local family.
FOODFood expenses mostly vary according to where you eat. Sometimes you might find housing options that include food, or you may even prefer to eat out or cook at home. For reference, a fast food meal costs around AUD $11, and a basic lunch menu in the expensive area of town costs about AUD $16.
VISAThere are different types: Electronic Travel Authorization, eVisitor, Visitor Visa, Working Holiday Visa, and Student Visa. With this last one you can include dependents such as your spouse or children.
TRANSPORTATIONLiving close to the English language school is the best option to save money in commuting, as you'll be able to ride public transportation (buses, trams, trains) or even walk or ride a bike if you live closer.
FLIGHT TICKETSAs you imagine, the cost of this item depends on the fly route, the time of the year, the airline, and the class you pick. Our recommendation is to look for good offers on the internet. Some of the most expensive dates to travel are certain holidays, such as Christmas and New Year's Eve.

6. Who study English in Sydney, Australia?

Students come from all over the world to learn English in Sydney

Sydney is a great destination to learn English and meet new people to expand your professional network, so many students visit every year to enroll on English language programs. They make this decision because they want to improve their academic and professional prospects, by studying at great institutions and practicing their newly-acquired skills in a real-life setting; contrary to learning English back in their countries, where this language isn’t spoken on a daily basis.

Young Students

These young students are still in high school or college, and want to study in an English-speaking country to enhance both their academic and their future professional career. Their preferred season to travel to Australia is usually during their vacations.

Young Professionals

Young professionals are mostly fresh college graduates, whose motivation is fueled by the desire to enhance their careers by being able to speak English with fluency. This open new doors to higher job positions or even studying a postgraduate program abroad.

Senior Professionals

Senior professionals tend to have more experience and higher job positions. They need to speak English to communicate with professionals from all over the world.


These residents are in the Australia either temporarily or permanently. Therefore, they wish to study English to interact with other people in everyday life and be able to work in an English-speaking country.

7. Photos about studying English in Sydney, Australia

Look some of the photos of the ESL programs
Students from the English Language course in Sydney
Students from the English program surfing in Sydney
Activity in Sydney after the English class

8. Videos about studying English in Sydney, Australia

Click to watch the videos

9. Information about Sydney, Australia

Sydney was established in 1788, as a penal colony of the British Empire, where prisoners would be sent from different territories. With time, the city grew and became one of the most important economic and cultural centers in the Pacific Ocean, and the biggest city in Australia, with a metropolitan population of over 5 million people. Many of its inhabitants were born overseas, which has contributed to Sydney becoming one of the most diverse cities in the world, after New York and London.

Apart from being a significantly important metropolis in Australia, Sydney is also famous for being a wonderful city for tourists and students alike. There you can visit different tourist locations, explore nature, and meet new people from different parts of the world that have come to settle in this fantastic city. Moreover, Sydney is a perfect mixture of exciting urban life and wonderful natural destinations. On one hand, you’ll never feel bored thanks to its numerous events and festivals taking place throughout the year. In the other hand, its prime location right next to the Pacific Ocean with numerous famous beaches, and surrounded by various national parks you can go to in your spare time, offers an opportunity to relax and reconnect with nature.

While visiting Australia’s biggest city you must pay a visit to some of the following destinations:

  • The Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic locations in Sydney.
  • Manly Wharf, where you can visit restaurants and bars right next to the ocean.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world largest steel arch bridge and a place you can cross by foot or climb to the top for breathtaking views of the city.
  • Sydney Harbour, a place where you can have a great time and marvel with wonderful views of the ocean.
  • The Rocks, a destination full of old, traditional buildings that date as far back as the 19th century.
  • Sydney Tower, from where you can enjoy seeing the wonderful Sydney skyline.
  • Bondi Beach, one of Sydney’s most famous beaches. A place to relax, lay down on golden sands and swim in beautiful turquoise waters.
  • The Royal Botanic Garden, a place to relax away from the bustling metropolis.
  • Gordons Bay, a secluded area away from urban life, where you can dive under water and explore some of Australia sea life.
  • Queen Victoria Building, a great destination if you enjoy shopping.
  • Cockatoo Island, located in the middle of Sydney Harbour and a place where most of Sydney’s festivals and events take place.
  • Hyde Park, Australia’s oldest public park, with over 16 hectares of green areas.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art, a museum in which you’ll have a great time enjoy exciting modern exhibits, inside a beautiful art deco building.
  • Darling Harbour, full of shops, restaurants, museums and great entertainment.
  • The Art Gallery of New South Wales, a wonderful place you can explore and enjoy some of the finest art collections in the country.

10. Frequently Asked Questions about studying English in Sydney

How does the application process work to obtain a visa or permit to enroll on an ESL course in Australia?

You start by obtaining a valid passport, if you don’t have one yet, and gathering the different documents needed for your specific visa or permit. Afterwards, you complete the online application, after which some additional information might be requested, such as a medical checkup or giving your biometrics. Finally, you receive a confirmation of whether your application has been accepted and you can begin studying English in Australia. For further information about visas and permits, check this website from the Australian government.

What type of housing is there available in Sydney?

Housing is most likely not included in the final fees, although in some cases the school you enroll on might be able to arrange it for you. Some of the options you’ll find in Sydney include shared rooms, shared apartments, staying at a residence, or with a local family at a homestay.

Can I work while studying in Sydney?

Yes, you may work part time, 40 hours every two weeks, if you hold a Student Visa, or more time if you have a Working Holiday Visa. Working is not allowed for those on a different kind of visa or permit.

Where can I learn English in Sydney?

There are several English language schools in Sydney where you can study. Check our website for a complete list.

Which are the best English language schools in Sydney?

You’ll live different experiences in different language schools, and therefore it’s hard to compare one with the other and say which one is better. For example, schools have different starting dates, schedules, contents, facilities, prices, and specialized courses; so, it all depends on what fits your needs and goals the best. To check the different options you can find in Sydney, check our website.

Are there any scholarships to enroll on ESL programs in Sydney?

No scholarships are offered for ESL programs. However, English schools could offer special discounts for international students.

What options do I have to pay for the English program? How does the process work?

According to each institution, you may be able to pay by wire transfer, credit card payment, or both. Moreover, depending on the program’s duration, you may have to pay the tuition fee in advance, or you may be able to pay half in advance and the other part afterwards, if you study for more than 26 weeks. Extra costs, such as OSHC costs, are always paid in advance.

I’m not a student. Can I still apply for an English course in Sydney?

Yes, you can still apply for an English course, as there’s no need for you to be a student currently. You only need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the program you wish to enroll on, and you’ll be alright.

Is there an age limit to enroll on English courses in Sydney?

Yes, there’s a minimum age limit of around 16 to 18 years of age for English courses in Sydney, as they are for adult students mostly. Nonetheless, schools also have special programs for students under that limit.

What places should I visit while I stay in Sydney?

Some tourist attractions you can’t miss in Sydney are:

The Sydney Opera House, Manly Wharf, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour The Rocks, Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach, The Royal Botanic Garden, Gordons Bay, Queen Victoria Building, Cockatoo Island, Hyde Park, The Museum of Contemporary Darling Harbour, and The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

11. Testimonials of international students

Since I was a child, my dream was to visit the Sydney Opera House, so I have to admit that Sydney came to my head immediately when I chose a city to improve my English. The city is fantastic, and if you are a cosmopolitan like I am, you would love this place. You will meet people from the five continents, which is excellent for practicing English in bars and parks. The weather is amazing the whole year. My favorite season was the summer since you can enjoy the beach.

Josefina L.

Profile Image Testimony 1 Sydney

I recommend Sidney to study English. It is a beautiful city with public transportation to the main attractions. You will make good friends with your classmates, and during the afternoon and weekend, you can do a lot of activities around.

Isabella M.

Profile Image Testimony 2 Sydney

12. Benefits of studying English Abroad in Sydney

In the global world we live in, mastering the English language and having experience abroad is highly valued by companies and employers.

But the benefits are not only professional, as people who study abroad develop valuable skills such as competence in a new language, cultural exposure, tolerance, adaptability, leadership, and independence. All these skills are directly fostered by learning and living abroad.

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