English Courses in Los Angeles



English Courses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top destinations for learning and studying English as a second language (ESL). The city of Los Angeles has several English language schools, institutes, and prestigious universities that offer English classes.

Los Angeles stands out for studying English over other cities in The United States, mainly for its diversity. It has exciting urban destinations, great tourist attractions, and breathtaking natural beauty. It is one of the biggest cities in the USA, and a very important area in the South of California, as a place where big companies and great English language institutions meet. Moreover, you will enjoy great weather all year and have tons of things to do in a city that has everything to offer in terms of culture, entertainment, and education.

The city of Los Angeles has English programs for all ages and budgets. We suggest that you read this page and click on each language school you think is a good option. All universities and language institutes listed here offer English programs that allow you to apply for a student visa. Most of the programs are also available for citizens and residents in full-time or part-time options.

The most common programs are "General English" or "Academic English Programs", which allow you to improve your English level for academic or professional purposes.

Common questions

  • Where to study English in Los Angeles, California?
  • What is the best English language course in Los Angeles?
  • How can I study English in Los Angeles?
  • English programs near Los Angeles?
  • Cheap and good English courses in Los Angeles?

You will find the answer to these questions on this website and a complete list of English language schools available for international students and residents. Click on the specific language school or university to get more information. You will find more details about the programs on those pages, helpful resources, and tips as housing, reviews, comments, and testimonials. As a leading world agency in ViveCampus, we can guide you in all the steps to study English in Los Angeles, USA.

1. Best places to learn English in Los Angeles, USA

English courses as a second language in top universities and institutions

Los Angeles, California, is famous for its diversity. It has exciting urban destinations, great tourist attractions, and breathtaking natural beauty. It is one of the biggest cities in the USA, and a very important area in the South of California, as a place where big companies and great English language institutions meet. Moreover, you will enjoy great weather all year and have tons of things to do in a city that has everything to offer in terms of culture, entertainment, and education.

In Los Angeles and surroundings we can find the following places:

  • Westwood
  • Santa Monica
  • Hollywood
  • Venice
  • Burbank
  • Koreatown
  • Bel Air
  • Beverly Hills
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • Silverlake
  • Echo Park
  • Los Feliz
  • Alhambra
  • Studio City
  • Glendale
  • Culver City
  • Pasadena
  • Century City
  • North Hollywood
  • San Fernando Valley
  • Brentwood
  • Malibu
  • Hermosa Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Torrance
  • Anaheim
  • Marina del Rey
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Northridge

List of English Language Schools in Los Angeles:


One of the best destination for international students in the USA


In Los Angeles you will find nothing but the best English language institutions, where you will be able to enhance your skills by enrolling on ESL programs.



English centers and universities in L.A. have great facilities and student services, which include access to sport facilities, after-school activities, student organizations, trips to popular local attractions, among other awesome additional things.



You will find numerous opportunities to improve your English in the real world in Los Angeles, all while having great fun.



Studying English in Los Angeles is an ideal scenario to meet new people, make friends, and expand your professional network, all of which can help you further enhance your career.



Los Angeles is famous for its diversity, both in terms of culture and tourist attractions, so you will have a great experience learning more about this fascinating city, about other customs, and from people coming from all over the world.



Part of the whole L.A. experience is visiting famous destinations and enjoying fun experiences. Here you will find beaches, outdoor locations, theme parks, shopping areas, thriving neighborhoods, and world-famous tourist attractions.



In terms of places to visit and experiences you can enjoy, Los Angeles has innumerable tourist locations, such as: Universal Studios Hollywood; Griffith Park and its observatory; Disneyland Resort; Hollywood; the Getty Center; Santa Monica; the Natural History Museum; La Brea Tar Pits; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Venice Beach; Long Beach; the Museum of Contemporary Art; Rodeo Drive; Walt Disney Concert Hall; and many others.

4. Requirements to take an English Course in Los Angeles, USA

Some programs can have their own special requirements

Visa Requirements

If you are looking to study an English course in Los Angeles, you can do it with an F-1 Student Visa, a Tourist Visa or an ESTA. Each one has different requirements and allow you to enroll on different programs. For example, an F-1 Student Visa allows you to enroll on intensive English courses, which are those consisting of 18+ hours of English lessons per week. If you enroll on such program, you will also need to register on the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and pay a fee, for which you will need a Form I-20 that is sent by English schools via post mail, along with your acceptance letter. On the contrary, part-time programs consisting of less than 18 hours per week, will require for you to apply for a Tourist Visa or an ESTA, which will depend on your nationality. For further information about visas and the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), visit this website: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/tourism-visit/

Age Requirements

The ESL programs offered in Los Angeles are mostly prepared for adult students, so English centers tend to have a minimum age limit set at around 16 and 18 years of age, with no maximum age whatsoever. Nonetheless, there are junior programs designed for both children and teenagers, on which they will learn English at the same time they make new friends and have fun in exciting activities.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

Part of the visa application process includes proving you have the necessary minimum funds to cover the school fees and your personal expenses while you study in the U.S. Therefore, the amount you need to prove you have will vary based on where you will study and the program you choose. These funds have to be on your own personal account or one belonging to your sponsor, in case someone else will pay for your expenses, such as a family member or the company you work for.

Minimum English Language Level

The different ESL programs offered by English schools and universities in Los Angeles have a wide array of several proficiency levels, beginning in basic English for less experienced learners, up to English lessons for people at a much higher proficiency level. Your current level of English will be determined with a placement exam that will measure how much you know, so you can be placed at a level on which you will be taught all the contents that you need to continue progressing. In the case of more advanced programs, typically intermediate and proficiency programs, you will have to prove your level of English by submitting the results of an English test, which normally can be IELTS or TOEFL.

5. Prices, dates and costs of English courses in Los Angeles 2024 - 2025

Explanation about main costs

There are always variations in terms of dates and prices of English courses in Los Angeles, California. Dates and prices will change based on the school and the program you apply for. This is because different schools will offer different programs, at different times of the year, and with different number of hours per week.

At the time you prepare your budget, you must consider that the final cost of the program will include different fees that schools and universities include. They cover items such as: accommodation, health insurance, access to facilities and student services, extracurricular events and trips, and books.

You can begin preparing to study in L.A. by calculating your final budget, based on the different estimated costs will detailed in the table down below.

Main costs to consider if you want to study in Los Angeles, USA

ENGLISH PROGRAMHow much you will pay for the English course varies mostly depending on the school, the type of course, as well as its intensity (full time or part time).
HEALTH INSURANCESome schools and universities can include health insurance coverage within your final fees. This may be optional or mandatory depending on the institution and the final cost for insurance will change based on the type of insurance and for how many weeks you will be studying. Please keep in mind that F-1 Student Visa holders must have a valid health insurance.
BOOKSBooks and class materials might be included on the tuition fee, but ultimately, it will depend on the English school and the program.
HOUSINGLos Angeles is a big city, so accommodation costs will vary greatly based on the area where you will be staying. For instance, prices can oscillate between a few hundred dollars for housing in a private or shared room, and up to USD $1600 for a studio apartment in a normal area in the city.
FOODBased on the housing option you choose, food may be included on the accommodation fee in the form of cafeteria food or a half or full board. Another option is eating out or cooking at home. For reference, a fast food meal costs around USD $8 and a basic lunch menu in the business district can cost around USD $16.
VISAFor both visas (Student or Tourist) you will have to pay an application fee ($160). On top of that, there is the I-901 SEVIS registration fee ($350) if you apply for a Student Visa. In the case of the ESTA, it costs USD $14, which includes an application and an authorization fee. For some instances, you must consider an express mail courier fee, in case the school has to send you documents, such as the Form I-20 and the acceptance letter.
TRANSPORTATIONCommuting costs are determined by the distance between the school and your housing option. Therefore, we recommend living as close as possible, so you can walk or ride public transportation. In that way you can save significant amounts of money you can spend on other important items.
FLIGHT TICKETSAir ticket prices differ depending on dates of departure and arrival, as well as where you fly from. Our suggestion is to find the best tickets by searching on different travel websites. Some dates on which plane tickets may be more expensive are Christmas and New Year's Eve. You can find offers in between.

6. Who studies English in Los Angeles, USA?

Students come from all over the world to learn English in Los Angeles

International students from different places see in Los Angeles a great place to learn English and enhance their career. Some main motivators are: studying to enroll on higher education programs abroad; being able to communicate with other people at an international level; applying for a higher job position; or even conducting business with companies from all over the world. In some cases, they tried studying in English schools in their countries, but since they didn’t use English in everyday situations, they didn’t see a significant progress in terms of proficiency. That is why some of them see studying English in Los Angeles as a great opportunity to improve and see faster results.

Young Students

Younger students are looking to study English abroad to improve their academic and job prospects. Their preferred season to visit Los Angeles is during their own vacations or class recesses.

Young Professionals

Today’s globalized economy is increasing the demand for professionals that are able to function at an international level, which is why they choose to study English in Los Angeles. Thanks to this useful skill, they can apply for graduate studies abroad or even a higher job position.

Senior Professionals

Senior professionals are people with more experience and higher job positions, which is why it is so important for them to be able to communicate with partners from all over the world. As a widely spoken language, English is an ideal choice for them, and an English course in Los Angeles fits this need perfectly.


Both temporary and permanent residents need to learn English to be able to communicate in a country where English serves as a common language everyone is capable of understanding. Therefore, by working on their English skills in Los Angeles, they are able to speak with other people, complete everyday tasks, and enhance their career prospects.

7. Photos about studying English in Los Angeles, USA

Look some of the photos of the ESL programs
students from English Language program of Los Angeles in Santa Monica
international students of English course in Hollywood Sign of Los Angeles
activity of the English Language course of Los Angeles in Disneyland

8. Videos about studying English in Los Angeles, USA

Click to watch the videos

9. Information about Los Angeles, USA

Founded in 1781 and located in the state of California, the area of Los Angeles had been populated for centuries by Tongva and Chumash tribes. Name after Mary, it was a Spanish settlement, later Mexican, and became part of the United States after the purchase of California following the Mexican-American War. After a sudden prosperity due to the discovery of oil deposits in the area, Los Angeles grew to become the city that it is today.

A very important economic and cultural center in the west coast, Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the U.S., second only after New York. Thanks to the many companies located in the metropolitan area and a population of nearly 19 million people, Los Angeles had a gross metropolitan product of USD $1 trillion, the third biggest after Tokyo and New York. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to expand their network by meeting people from different parts of the world and specialized in different areas.

Moreover, Los Angeles is a highly-diverse city, with community composed of people from all over the world. This creates a culturally rich environment where you can learn more about other cultures, and enjoy trying different cuisines and visiting the different ethnic neighborhoods.

Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles does not consist only of movie theaters and big movie productions. It is also home to great tourist attractions and awesome locations where you can enjoy even greater activities. Down below you can see some of the places to visit while you are in Los Angeles, California.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood, where you can enjoy fascinating tours to learn more about movies.
  • Griffith Park and its observatory, from where you can see the complete Los Angeles landscape.
  • Disneyland Resort, full of shopping, fun attractions, restaurants and hotels.
  • Hollywood and its world-famous walk of fame.
  • The Getty Center, a location full of marvelous and fascinating exhibitions.
  • Santa Monica, and its beaches and the renowned Santa Monica pier, including its Ferris wheel.
  • The Natural History Museum, where you can even see impressive dinosaur fossils.
  • La Brea Tar Pits, formed around 40,000 years ago and a glimpse into Prehistory.
  • As well as other locations such as: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Venice Beach, Long Beach, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rodeo Drive, and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

10. Frequently Asked Questions about studying English in Los Angeles

Can I travel only with an ESTA permit for a full-time intensive program (18+ hours a week) if my country has an agreement?

An intensive English program (18+ hours of classes a week) requires a F-1 student visa, so even if your country has an ESTA agreement or if you already have a tourist visa, you must have an F-1 student visa to take an intensive English program You can only take a part-time English program (less than 18 hours a week) with an ESTA permit or tourist visa.

Which are the different steps of the application process for the F-1 student visa to study a certificate program in Los Angeles?

Please check with us what type of visa you need to take the program you are interested in.

  • All full-time programs in the U.S. require a F-1 student Visa. With an F-1 visa, you can extend your stay in the United States as long as you continue studying.
  • Part-time programs (18 hrs/week or less) can be taken with a tourist visa or visa waiver ESTA. With a tourist visa, you can only stay in the U.S. the duration your tourist visa allows, since your main purpose in the U.S. should be tourism.

If you need an F-1 student visa, please apply as soon as you receive your acceptance documents (I-20 form) from the English school. In some countries it can take several weeks to obtain a visa interview at the U.S. embassy.

You must confirm these steps on the website of the U.S. embassy in your country. You can look for your nearest U.S. embassy here: https://www.usembassy.gov/

What housing options will I find in Los Angeles?

Housing is not usually included on the final fees unless you requested it to be arranged by the school or university. Some options are: on-campus university housing during the summer; sharing an apartment with other students; living in a private residence; or staying at a homestay. The institution you applied for can offer further information about accommodation in Los Angeles.

Will I be able to work and study at the same time in Los Angeles?

It may be possible for you to find on-campus jobs if you are enrolled on an intensive English program, and work up to 20 hours each week. However, many of such positions are taken by other non-English language students, so the ultimate availability is generally low.

In which institutions can I study English in Los Angeles?

You can find different schools and centers in Los Angeles. For a complete list check this same website.

Which is the best university or language institute to learn English in Los Angeles?

It's not really possible to define which school is the best, since they are all very different and offer different programs and experiences. However, you can rest assured that all institutions have fantastic ESL courses and highly-qualified teachers, so no matter where you choose to study, you will always receive a great instruction. Some factors you may want to consider when choosing a school are: what is your reason to study English, what you would like to learn, and where in Los Angeles do you want to stay and study. For a complete list of institutions in Los Angeles, check this same website.

Can I obtain a scholarship to study English in Los Angeles?

There are no scholarships you can apply for to study English in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, in some cases, English language schools offer special discounts for international students.

What methods are there to pay for my ESL course in Los Angeles?

There are several payment methods to pay for ESL courses in Los Angeles. In the case of international students, the main options are online credit card payment and bank transfer. In terms of the payment process, the first step is to pay the application fee that in some cases covers the shipping costs for the Form I-20. Whatever fees that may remain are paid later, either a few weeks before the program starts, or once you are in the school.

Do I need to be a student to enroll on an ESL program in Los Angeles?

You do not need to be a student to enroll on an ESL program in Los Angeles. All you need to do is meet the minimum requirements and apply with a certain number of weeks in advance.

Is there a minimum age requirement to study in Los Angeles?

English language institutions in Los Angeles usually set a minimum age limit, which is between 16 and 18 years old. Nonetheless, there are junior programs for children and teenagers, which offer English language instruction and exciting activities, so they can have fun and learn at the same time.

Which are the main tourist attractions in Los Angeles?

Some tourist attractions you can find in Los Angeles are:

Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Park and its observatory, Disneyland Resort, Hollywood, The Getty Center, Santa Monica, The Natural History Museum, La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Venice Beach, Long Beach, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Rodeo Drive, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, among others. 

11. Testimonials of international students

Los Angeles is an ideal city to study English. There are people from all over the world, and they are very open to international students, so it was easy for me to talk to people in stores and restaurants. They always treated me kindly and gave me the confidence to be able to practice my basic level of English without embarrassment. The people of ViveCampus told me that the English accent in Los Angeles is the most recognized English accent in the world, and it's true, because most Hollywood actors use this accent that is recognized by everyone in movies. The good weather in Los Angeles was also a determining factor when deciding to study English here. Los Angeles is now my favorite city for the atmosphere, its beaches, good weather, and culture.

Mireia T.

Profile Image Testimony 1 Los Angeles

Studying an English course in Los Angeles is the best thing you can do. The city offers you many activities that you can participate in, and that help you improve your English outside of classes as well, which is one of the main factors to reach the fluency in the language. Regardless of what you like to do, in Los Angeles you will find people who have the same hobbies. In my case, I am a fan of beach volleyball and went to the beaches of Santa Monica every weekend to play volleyball. The sporty atmosphere on the beaches is the best, everyone riding their bikes, jogging, exercising and various sports. I tried to learn English in my country and it was impossible, and I had a basic level. It took me about 5 months to understand and speak English fluently. I want to live in Los Angeles, and I'm working for it. The first step was to learn English in this fantastic city. 100% recommended!

Eduardo F.

Profile Image Testimony 2 Los Angeles

12. Benefits of studying English abroad in Los Angeles, California

In the global world we live in, mastering the English language and having experience abroad is highly valued by companies and employers.

But the benefits are not only professional, as people who study abroad develop valuable skills such as competence in a new language, cultural exposure, tolerance, adaptability, leadership, and independence. All these skills are directly fostered by learning and living abroad.

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