English Courses in Toronto



English Courses in Toronto

Toronto is one of the top destinations for learning and studying English as a second language (ESL). The city of Toronto has several English language schools, institutes, and prestigious universities that offer English classes.

Toronto stands out for studying English over other cities in Canada, mainly because of its huge population, the biggest in the country, which in turn makes it one of the most important economic centers in North America. This gives English languages students the opportunity to practice their English outside the classroom while networking with fellow students, professionals and people from different cultures and countries. Moreover, Toronto is one of the safest cities in Canada, where you can also discover tons of fantastic tourist spots, but also taste some of the most delicious dishes, partly thanks to the city’s cosmopolitan spirit.

The city of Toronto has English programs for all ages and budgets. We suggest that you read this page and click on each language school you think is a good option. All universities and language institutes listed here offer English programs that allow you to apply for a student visa. Most of the programs are also available for citizens and residents in full-time or part-time options.

The most common programs are "General English" or "Academic English Programs", which allow you to improve your English level for academic or professional purposes.

Common questions

  • Where to study English in Toronto, Ontario?
  • What is the best English language course in Toronto?
  • How can I study English in Toronto?
  • English programs near Toronto?
  • Cheap and good English courses in Toronto?

You will find the answer to these questions on this website and a complete list of English language schools available for international students and residents. Click on the specific language school or university to get more information. You will find more details about the programs on those pages, helpful resources, and tips as housing, reviews, comments, and testimonials. As a leading world agency in ViveCampus, we can guide you in all the steps to study English in Toronto, Canada.

1. Best places to learn English in Toronto, Canada

English courses as a second language in top universities and institutions

Toronto includes 140 neighborhoods, of which these were selected based on their privileged location and the fact they are the most popular among international tourists for the several activities you can do.

In Toronto and surroundings we can find the following places:

  • Downtown
  • Chinatown
  • Yorkville
  • Entertainment District
  • Midtown
  • West Queen West
  • Kensington Market
  • Trinity-Bellwoods
  • The Annex
  • Cabbagetown
  • Bloor West Village
  • North Riverdale
  • Mount Pleasant East
  • The Beaches
  • Liberty Village

List of English Language Schools in Toronto:


One of the best destination for international students in Canada


In Toronto you can find prestigious English centers, so you can choose the program you like the most and start to enhance your English skills.



Universities and English institutions offer in their campus sport facilities, extracurricular activities, libraries, etc.



Toronto offers plenty of opportunities to meet other international students, native speakers, and to participate in extracurricular activities. Additionally, you will love living in a city full of the famous friendly Canadian culture.



Toronto is a great place, where you can find networking opportunities and meet new people to exchange experiences.



Toronto is characterized by its safety, mild weather, high-quality education institutions and fun open areas, such as parks and beaches.



Toronto has a great and comprehensive public transportation system to connect the city and its surrounding areas, while also having a large cycleway network.



In Toronto you can find lots of tourist attractions for everyone, such as famous landmarks, great restaurants, shopping areas, entertainment venues, parks, among others.

4. Requirements to take an English Course in Toronto, Canada

Some programs can have their own special requirements

Visa Requirements

The study permit is mandatory if you want to take a program for 6+ months. To be eligible for this permit, you have to submit the acceptance letter from your English center, a proof that your tuition fee is covered, a proof of financial support and an identify proof (passport and 2 passport size photographs with your name and date of birth written on the back side).

Students who want to take a program less than 6 months, can enroll with the visitor visa. And if their country is visa exempted, they can enroll with an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). The visa applicationprocedure may vary depending on your country, so you can visit the Immigration and Citizenship website of the Canadian government to check for more detailed information.

Age Requirements

The minimum age limit depends on the university or English institution you choose, but usually is between 16 and 19 years old. However, some institutions offer programs for younger students between 12 and 17 years old.

Proof of Sufficient Funds

To be eligible for the student permit, you need to prove that your funds are enough to cover the tuition fee and living expenses. These cost of living expenses are calculated for 12 months.

Minimum English Language Level

Generally, English centers do not require a minimum English level, due to the fact that they offer several levels for their English programs. However, some courses can require a minimum level of English to take the program, for which case you have to prove your level with a proficiency test score, such as TOEFL or IETLS. In any case, it is still recommended to have a basic knowledge of English language, since you will arrive in an English-speaking country and you are going to need to communicate in your everyday life.

5. Prices, dates and costs of English courses in Toronto 2024 - 2025

Explanation about main costs

Prices and dates for ESL courses in Toronto depend on the English language institution and program you select.

Some English institutions include extra items on the final program fee. Some of these items can be: housing cost, health insurance, facilities access, extracurricular activities, university ID, books and supplies, etc.

Studying English abroad involves certain costs. The prices and details in the list below are just estimated, and you have to consider that the final fee will depend on the course and English center you choose. However, this list can be used as a guide to calculate an estimated amount of money you will need to study in Toronto.

Main costs to consider if you want to study in Toronto, Canada

ENGLISH PROGRAMDepends on the English center and the program you choose (intensive or part-time, for how long, for many hours a week, etc.).
HEALTH INSURANCESome institutions offer health insurance in their final fee, while others recommend health services providers. This cost start at $30 CAD per week and may vary depending on the provider.
BOOKSThe cost of books and supplies depends on the English center and program you choose.
HOUSINGSome English centers have residences on and off campus with average prices starting at $400 CAD; homestay off campus, where you have the opportunity to live with a Canadian family, learn its traditions and speak English in everyday situations, with prices starting at $120 CAD per week; and if you want more privacy, there are private apartments with average prices starting at $1200 CAD per month, for a one-bedroom apartment.
FOODSome homestay and residences options include meal plans in the final fee, which can range from basic to elaborated or gourmet options (kosher, vegan, gluten free, etc.) The cost changes according to the accommodation and the meal plan you select.
VISAThe Student permit is mandatory for students who want to study a 6-month+ program and its cost is $150 CAD. For students who want to study a program for less than 6 months, they can enroll with visitor visa, which cost is $100 CAD. For students who want to study a program for less than 6 months, and its countries are visa exempted, they can enroll with an eTA, which cost is $7 CAD.
TRANSPORTATIONToronto's transport is very complete, and includes airport rail, streetcars, buses, taxis, metro, ferries and paratransit. There is also a large network of cycleways for a safe ride.
FLIGHT TICKETSThe cost depends on your where you are travelling from, the season of the year you are planning to fly, the airline, and the flight class you choose. As a quick fact, the most expensive dates to fly are near Christmas and New Year's Eve.

6. Who study English in Toronto, Canada?

Students come from all over the world to learn English in Toronto

Students come to Toronto in Canada from all over the world to study an ESL course. They are motivated by the opportunity and the challenge of enhancing their academic or professional career. Generally, these students have already taken English classes in their country, but did not communicate in English in their everyday situations, which made learning English very difficult.

Young Students

These students are currently studying in high school or studying an undergraduate program, and they usually enroll in English courses in Toronto during their summer or winter vacations. These students are looking to improve their English skills for an academic or recreational reason. Also, some institutions offer programs for young learners between 12 and 17 years old.

Young Professionals

These are people who recently graduated from college, and so do not have many years of job experience. They are looking to increase their English skills to obtain a better job position or enter a postgraduate program, which is why they choose to study in Toronto. In addition, some institutions offer programs exclusively for people of 30+ years, for students who want a sophisticated and mature experience with classmates of their own age.

Senior Professionals

These students are professionals with many years of job experience and normally hold senior positions in their companies. Nevertheless, they understood that their English level is not enough to cope in a working environment with others professionals at an international level, and travel to Toronto to enhance their skills.


These students are permanent or temporal Canadian citizens in Toronto. Generally, they are spouses who are accompanying employees who have been transferred or are studying a postgraduate program in Canada. These students are looking to improve their English language proficiency to be able to communicate in their daily lives.

7. Photos about studying English in Toronto, Canada

Look some of the photos of the ESL programs
Students from English course in a trip in Toronto
Students from the english language program visiting Toronto, Canada
international students form English course in Toronto

8. Videos about studying English in Toronto, Canada

Click to watch the videos

9. Information about Toronto, Canada

Toronto is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and it is the most populous city in Canada. It is estimated than more than 2.8 million of people live there, and more than 6 million of people live in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto was chosen as the 6th safest city in the world, and the safest city in North America by Economist Intelligence Unit's 2019 Safe City Index. This city has a semi-continental climate, resulting from its location on the shore of Lake Ontario, with an average temperature in summer of 86°F and 15.8°F in winter. (30°C y -9°C).

In this city you will never get bored, since there are several attractions where you can spend your time. If you want to enjoy a great experience surrounded by animals and nature, you cannot miss Toronto zoo, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, High Park and Niagara Falls, where you can travel to the falls above Hornblower Niagara Cruises, a boat tour.

Toronto has diverse entertainment places, such as CN Tower, a communications and observation tower where you also can enjoy a meal on a 360° restaurant; Royal Ontario Museum; Ontario Science Center; Art Gallery of Ontario; Casa Loma, a historic house museum famous for its unique architectural and for being the set location of movies and tv shows. And finally, the popular Toronto Eaton Center, a shopping center that is part of the underground network for pedestrians and is connected underground with the Dundas subway station.

Toronto has diverse entertainment places, such as CN Tower, a communications and observation tower where you also can enjoy a meal on a 360° restaurant; Royal Ontario Museum; Ontario Science Center; Art Gallery of Ontario; Casa Loma, a historic house museum famous for its unique architectural and for being the set location of movies and tv shows. And finally, the popular Toronto Eaton Center, a shopping center that is part of the underground network for pedestrians and is connected underground with the Dundas subway station.

In Toronto, you can taste some traditional Canadian food, such as Butter tarts; Peameal bacon sandwich, Caesar cocktail, a Canadian version of bloody Mary; Ketchup flavored potato chips and Poutine, a dish with French fries, cheese and gravy.

10. Frequently Asked Questions about studying English in Toronto

Do I need a permit to study in Canada?

International students have to apply for a study permit if they are going to Canada to study at an elementary or secondary school, language school, college or university for more than 6 months.

How do I get the student permit to study English in Toronto for more than 6 months?

You start by applying and sending all the required documents to the school, which are checked to see everything is in order, and they later send an acceptance letter you have to submit along with other documents in the online platform of the Canadian government or at a Visa Application Center (VAC).

After your permit application is accepted, you need to go to the nearest VAC to register your biometric information, in case you need to do so. For the online application method you will need a scanner or camera to upload your documents and a valid credit card to pay for the permit. This procedure may vary depending on your country, so you can visit the Immigration and Citizenship website of the Canadian government to check for more detailed information.

What are the accommodation options in Toronto?

In most cases, accommodation is not included on the final cost of the course. However, you may be able to find on-campus accommodation during the summer season, when most college students are away on vacations. Some other options you can choose are sharing a furnished apartment, living inside a student residence, or opting for a homestay, which is basically living with a local family. The institution you apply to usually offers more information about the different options you can choose from.

Is there an age limit to enroll on ESL courses in Toronto?

The age limit depends on each English center, which is between 16 and 19 years old. In addition, some institutions offer programs for young students between 12 and 18 years old and 30+ years old programs. However, there is no maximum age limit to enroll on an English program.

Which is the best university or English center to enroll in an ESL course?

You can learn more about the best English centers and choose the one that fits you by checking our website.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I enroll in an ESL program?

Universities do not offer scholarships for English as a Second Language programs. However, some institutions offer price discounts for international students.

Can I work and study at the same time while I am taking an ESL program?

English as a Second Language students are not allowed to work while they are studying in Canada, even if they have a study permit. However, you are allowed to work on and off campus if you are studying a certificate program at least 6 months long, have social Insurance and have a valid study permit that says you can work.

What payment methods are available for ESL programs?

The payment methods change depending on the university or English center. Usually, they ask for an initial fee, and some institutions cover with this fee the shipping cost for the documents that you will need, to apply for the study permit. The program cost is generally paid once you arrive at the English center and the payment method is preferably done by credit card or transfer.

What is the recommended amount of money that I need for my entire stay in Toronto?

There is no set amount of money, but it is recommended that you make an estimated budget with the English institution cost fee and extra items, such as transportation, accommodation, food, and extracurricular activities. Consider that Canada has a set amount of money for living expenses that you have to prove you have.

Which is the best neighborhood for living?

There is no neighborhood better than the other, due to the fact that each one has its own characteristics that make a difference. However, it is recommended that you live near the English center, so you can save money and time.

11. Testimonials of international students

I always wanted to visit Canada, and this was one of the main reasons for choosing Toronto as a destination to take some English courses. I spent 26 weeks studying English in Toronto, and it was the best experience I have had in my life. Not only did I achieve the level of English I wanted, but I grew a lot as a person. Toronto is a fantastic city, very cosmopolitan, which helped me make friends from Canada and from other parts of the world. I think I am a better person now, and I understand how other cultures live. In 6 months, I went from having a low English level to have a high English level, and being able to communicate without problems. Without a doubt, Toronto is an ideal city to study English.

Carlos P.

Profile Image Testimony 1 Toronto

If you want to learn English quickly and efficiently, Toronto is the perfect city. There are many things to do, the people in Toronto and all of Canada are very friendly and motivate you to practice the language, even when you don't speak it well. I had a very low level and did not understand almost anything initially, but we went to many places after classes with my classmates and continued to practice what we learned in the courses. I loved the parks in Toronto, I really liked the St. Lawrence market where I went many times, and I had to figure out how to order things in English at first. After a few months, I could speak well and understood practically everything. Toronto is my favorite city, and I hope to return soon, since what I have learned and lived there is the best thing that has happened to me. I fully recommend going to Toronto to study English.

Ágata T.

Profile Image Testimony 2 Toronto

12. Benefits of studying English Abroad in Toronto

In the global world we live in, mastering the English language and having experience abroad is highly valued by companies and employers.

But the benefits are not only professional, as people who study abroad develop valuable skills such as competence in a new language, cultural exposure, tolerance, adaptability, leadership, and independence. All these skills are directly fostered by learning and living abroad.

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